Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Common Shower Problems and Simple Repair Tips

Since shower is one of the most important things on our daily routine, we get frustrated when it won’t work the way it should when you need it. Here are some common problems you will encounter with your shower: There is no Hot Water Water temperature is set manually, check that you have set them correctly. In cases of old water heaters, the cold water supply dip tube may have deteriorated and won’t work properly, instead of directing the cold water into the burner, it brings the water directly into the shower and so the cold water instead of hot water. It needs replacement. A Professional Plumber should do the repair. Check to see that there is no hot water on all the faucets in the house. If they produce decent hot water, then the problem must be a component of the heating element in the shower. Crossed connection pipes are installed to balance the flow of hot and cold water. If it malfunctions, then your shower won’t work properly. You need a Professional Plumber to do it. Do