Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 6 Reasons To Date a Plumber

Sometimes here at Fanning Plumbers we like to get a little bit silly. Everyone knows that plumbers are bigger heartthrobs than Justin Bieber but rarely do people take the time out to figure out why. That’s why we put together this top 6 list of reasons to date a plumber. We take care of just about any job with just their hands. Our hands are our most valuable commodity and we put them to good use. Never call the handyman again. When your significant other attempts to fix something they usually end up calling up a plumber like us to clean up the mess. Why not just cut out the middleman and date a man who can actually fix what he says he can fix. Need your pipes cleaned out? Can you think of a better man for the job? Sometimes you like to get gross. Really really gross. Usually dealing with gross stuff is our job so you can get as gross/freaky as you want Nobody’s employee. A plumber is a boss of himself. You need to be decisive and authoritative when working for yourself. Flexibili

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